and creative problems to everyday solutions

Providing creative solutions to everyday problems



We are a not for profit disorganisation

We provide creative workshops, spaces and events

and create opportunities for people to connect, learn and grow together 

While these services can vary as much as the people we provide them for, they can be defined by the 3 outcomes we hope to achieve;

"Health" where we demonstrate breathing, laughter yoga and mindfulness techniques to improve the way we feel.

“Wealth" where we use creative ideas and exercises to empower individuals and inspire groups to achieve desired outcomes.

"Happiness" where we share dynamic social games and experiences to improve the way people feel and then share that feeling with others.

The profits raised along the way help us to help disadvantaged and at risk groups in the community.

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We love what we do and are always happy to help 

Creative Expressionismsismmms

Creative development for Corporate, Community & Social Groups.

Workplace training * Community workshops * Events and special projects

Creative learning * Health and wellbeing * Team building *  Happiness Coaching 

Individualized services and tailored solutions

* Proudly promoting the benefits of art laughter yoga & play *

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